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Full Negrocity Vol. 1. Release 4/1/2011 

It has been a long road, but finally Real Talk's new project Full Negrocity Vol. 1 will be released 4/1/2011. The dynamic duo of rappers T.M.K.A.D. (The Man Known As D) & Pinpoint have put everything into making this classic mixtape. After pushing the project release date back twice and working out various problems, the only thing Real Talk can say now is that "the project is worth the wait." Features to be found on the album are Only, QG, Blizz, Bar Cardy, Miss Cream, Apex Tha Genius, Shaka Pitts, Maureen Jeffreys, Infamous Goon, Coley, Lenwood, Starrz, and Shy LadyHeron. The production team of Disnika Productions is responsible for making a numerous amount of the instrumentals found on the project. Make sure you get your copy!

Stones At The Throne Podcast



Ok, It somehow has slipped our mind until this point to mention one of the most important, and most anticipated cd's of the year. As the founder of GHGH Music and A key Figure head in The Spitters Club, Only's long awaited ,all-original mixtape " Stones At The Throne" officially releases November 7th( the same day of the 4th annual Baltimore Crown Awards). We know Only very well, and I can tell you in a very non-biased faction that he has poured his heart and soul into every song, every lyric, and every ounce of energy in this man ahs went towards seeing this project reach the light of day. Newer artists to the Baltimore Music scene may not be aware, but Only is one of the best to have ever done it in this city. His understanding of hip-hop culture, music, and just life in general is un-paralleled. His music is a direct reflection of his environment and upbringing. Descriptive verses, and realistic subject matter are a grand combination in ONLY's effort to "Bring real rap back." In a very short amount of time, ONLY has amassed a number of notable shows and competitions including (opening for/participating in:), Rakim, Masta Ace, Redman, Little Brother, Slick Rick (2x DC and MD), Akrobatic, The GZA, Trey Songz, Slim Thug, Show Me What You Got Winner, The Baltimore Crown Competition, Style Wars, Baltimore Love Thing Competition, It's Baltimore Baby Live, (Mulitiple) Hip Hop For The Headstrong(s), as well as performing at almost every venue in Baltimore and its surrounding areas: The 5 Seasons, Penguins, Taste International, Bedrock, The Ottobar, Fletchers, Rams Head Live, Sonar (Club Side and Mainstage), The Turntable Club, Contrast Hall, The Black Hole Rock Club, Eldorado's, Coppin State University, Club 5 (DC), and Island Cafe (DC).
             With all that being said, "Stones At the Throne" will be only the beginning. Whats the best part about this 17 track mixtape? Well try this...IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats correct. As of November 8th it will be available for free download. You will be able to find ithe link on this site under our "Free Downloads" tab, as well as on Only's site @ http://www.onlythakid.blogspot.com/
Get this cd as soon as its available!! It WILL be a HIP HOP CLASSIC!!  Enjoy this leaked Mp3 off of Stones @ the throne Feat. Pinpoint of Real Talk And BarCardy of Kartel. K's  UP!!!
  1. Stones At The Throne

So Hopeful... 

Progress is always a good thing. Real talk doesnt have a selfish attitude about progress, we share in the joy of others who are constantly reaching new goals. There is an artist we know right now that is so close to another level of greatness that we just had to take a moment to comment on it. Kudos,my dude, and no matter what happens over the next few months Real Talk has your back.

Our Music Scene 

We have been on the music scene here in baltimore since at least 2004, but never as strongly until this past 11 months. During this time we have re-connected with old allies, met new important figure heads, and networked with tons of talented artists. What have we learned? There is an overwhelming amount of talent in our city! You cant go to far without meeting someone who has their own unique input within our artistic community. Rather it be concious rap at its finest, straight up trap music, powerful vocals, or just some of the dopest beats youcould ever do a track to, our scene has it all. People in Baltimore that are aware of all of these talented people always want to know why more people from here have not yet hit the big time. Good question. And if we knew the exact answer, we would have already fixed it and we would be "on". What we can say is that support is important. NOT just from your fellow artists ( allbeit an important factor) but also from the community. We should work on developing fans, and finding new ways to reach out to people. Baltimore as a city is very deep rooted into art and music. People would LOVE to know what going on right under their nose. Its our jobs to reach these people. We need more collective efforts as well. There are a lot of promotional teams, groups,labels and artists all around. Networking as much as possible, and working together will help our scene become as strong as it should have always been. There are a lot of folks out here trying to accomplish this, and kudos to you. Real Talk, and G.H.G.H Music want to be a part of these efforts. We want to reach out to all of you, and we want all of you to reach out to us.